Portland, Oregon-based LOWER BOOM is creating new models and markets for storytellers world-wide. Both laboratory and launchpad, LOWER BOOM partners with filmmakers and organizations to find stories that speak to the diversity of the world, and to develop innovative ways to make sure those stories are seen and heard.

Main Players

Matt Schulte Lower Boom

Matt Schulte

Matt Schulte is the founder and CEO of Lower Boom. From being Vice President of Digital Strategy of an international communications agency, to being a working, touring musician, Matt brings a remarkably diverse background to his vision for Lower Boom. As a filmmaker, Matt’s films have played in festivals around the world and he has produced projects for clients like Michelle Obama and the White House, The Oregon Governor’s Office, Mercy Corps and the Ford Foundation.


John Eckenrode

John Eckenrode is the brand director for Lower Boom. After publishing two Portland art & culture newspapers John spent 14 years as a Senior Graphic Designer for Nike where he produced a manifold of projects ranging from the NHL to the Olympics to NCAA March Madness. As a filmmaker John was the Co-Director of El Inmigrante, a feature-length documentary that screened at over 50 film festivals, won eight awards, and was awarded a grant from the U.S. State Department to present the film in Saltillo, Mexico.

Jenna Spesard

Jenna Spesard

Jenna Spesard is a consultant and social media guru for Lower Boom. After receiving her master’s degree in Narrative Filmmaking from the University of Melbourne in Australia, Jenna moved to Los Angeles and spent six years working in the studio system. Her previous position was assisting in the development of feature films at DreamWorks Studios (now Amblin Entertainment). Since relocating to the Pacific Northwest, Jenna focuses her time and expertise on independent filmmaking, online media marketing, inspirational speaking, and writing.