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We’re interested in exploring things like: the perceived barrier to entry to developing for VR/AR/MR, the ‘rules’ (or lack thereof) of storytelling in VR/AR/MR, what distribution platforms exist, diversity (or lack thereof), and…who’s making the ‘punk rock’ of VR? Anybody?  Is there a Maya Deren, or a John Cassavetes out there right now writing or re-writing the rules? Is it a corporate money fest already or are we reaching the point in the evolution of VR/AR/MR when a Blair Witch, a Pulp Fiction, a Sex Pistols’ Never Mind the Bollocks is right around the corner, ready to inject some anarchy and energy into the story?

Most of the stuff we’d been going to and seeing related to VR was very tech and gear focused (understandably). When I tried to talk to fellow indie filmmakers about it, there was a collective ‘meh’, or ‘what’s VR’ or ‘I don’t get it’.

So Lower Boom decided to put together a series of get-togethers that are loosely titled “Indie Filmmakers meet VR”.

We thought it would be fun and interesting to start getting those two worlds mingling a little bit. The coolest tech in the world is going to be limited in real-world impact if you don’t have the storytellers and artists involved. (That’s our point of view anyway).

We’ve had three events so far, all with a different particular focus, but all ultimately about exploring narrative storytelling in the worlds of VR and AR, and all designed to get a diverse group of creative thinkers brainstorming.

– Matt Schulte  – Founder/CEO

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