JUMP THE FENCE is a documentary series that follows two best friends on a global filmmaking adventure.

As of Spring, 2022, available on the OVATION Channel! Thrilled to also share that this feature doc –  Jump the Fence – won the award for BEST FIRST FEATURE at the Arizona International Film Festival.

In addition, stars Molly Parker and Britt Harris participated in a panel on Documentary Filmmaking at the Festival.

We premiered this film at the Portland Film Festival last October 2020.


AROUND THE WORLD IN SEVEN FILMS — Jump the Fence is an innovative documentary series that takes audiences on an international tour of independent filmmaking. Join hosts – and best friends -Molly Parker and Britt Harris as they travel the world to act in seven different films.

Showcasing a dynamic group of award-winning filmmakers, Jump the Fence is both an in-depth exploration of the filmmaking process and an intimate look at the lives of two burgeoning actors, inevitably showcasing the drama and comedy inherent in best friends testing their bond in the hothouse of Independent Filmmaking and worldwide travel.

Jump The Fence

Jump the Fence is a CELEBRATION OF INDEPENDENT FILMMAKING. The directors featured in this series are not well-funded Hollywood icons backed by big-name studios. They are scrappy, resourceful, independent filmmakers with stories to tell, a passion for the craft, and a mastery of the medium. By welcoming viewers into the story behind the camera, we bridge the gap between a polished masterpiece on


“Profiling a new director in each country, these Smart Girls are showing what’s behind the camera along with the challenges and exhilarations of friendship, creative struggle, and cultural collision.”
– Amy’s Smart Girls
“Women making films about making films around the world. It’s crazy enough to work. And that’s exactly what friends and filmmakers Molly Elizabeth Parker, Lacy Allen, and Britt Harris are doing… The project follows the women as they embark on a great adventure in storytelling.”
– Collaborator
“Ever wonder what it would be like to create a film in a different country? Moreover, how the production process and filmmaking style would differ from location to location? This upcoming documentary series, ‘Jump the Fence,’ explores just that, taking audiences on a tour around the world through seven different films created within one year.”
– Resource Magazine
“Jump The Fence: Documentary Unites Creative Talent Around The World …The documentary series Jump the Fence brings together Molly Elizabeth Parker and Britt Harris, who take us on a global filmmaking adventure.”
– USA Travel Magazine

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