Chloe King’s past as the lead singer of the ‘next big thing’ in Portland is a distant memory. Now she’s entangled in the city’s dark underbelly, battling her own demons, as she runs the last old-school dive bar in Portland’s riot-scarred Chinatown.


This series concept, set in the present day, also mines Portland’s own untold and often shocking backstory. It looks at the gritty side of Portland’s blue-collar, port town roots.


The issues of the diverse constellation of regulars, friends, allies, and enemies that haunt Chloe’s dive bar mirror and parallel those of the city itself.


Racism, sexism, white supremacists, a heroin and meth epidemic, the sex trade, systemic inequity…Chloe and the bar have a front-row seat to the darkness beneath Portland’s hip smirk.


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