Lower Boom

and storytellers

Each month the ‘Lower Boom Presents’ tv channel showcases nw filmmakers and storytellers to guests staying at the Hotel Eastlund in Portland, Oregon.

New summer program playing now–featuring work by:
Lara Gallagher, Josh Lunden, Karina Ripper and many more.

submit films* for consideration to

*features, shorts, docs, experimental, whatever!

100ft roll
16mm b/w film
24 frames/second

Between 1964 and 1966, Andy Warhol did a series of films called Screen Tests. They were silent film portraits consisting of several-minute unbroken shots of celebrities, guests, friends, or anyone he thought had “star potential.”

Inspired by this, Lower Boom is shooting our own Screen Test series. Like Warhol, we are shooting 16mm film, silent and black and white, 100 foot rolls, 24 frames per second.

We may not shoot as many subjects as Warhol (over 500), but we’re excited to be shooting on film and capturing portraits of some of the most interesting people we know.


In film festival around the world:
A woman rages about family, religion, life, sex and the ocean. Her anti-monologue leads her to discover who really has control of her life.

Starring Amber Stonebraker

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